Regain my confidence and sense of self

'I worked with Roz following a terrible trauma that left me unable to function in everyday life. Roz was both extremely supportive and knowledgeable which gave me the security to work through the therapy and regain my confidence and sense of self. During the therapy, which at times can be really tough, Roz always made me feel very safe and able to continue the journey'.

A defining moment

'EMDR is the best thing I've ever done for myself. It's been a defining moment in my life.'

Fear about starting

'As my therapist and I put it, EMDR can be like magic sometimes. Certain issues take longer to deal with than others, but I've had about 8 sessions now dealing with 3 extremely traumatic memories and my disturbance levels have dropped dramatically. I was scared to death to start the process, but once I did it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.'

At peace

'Remember that you are not alone on this journey. You are, however, in control of your journey... I began EMDR about 6 months ago. I do not feel alone at all, if anything I feel more open and receptive to people. There are even days when I feel peaceful.'

Worth the struggle

'Nothing has to date ever changed my original statement, that this therapy has literally changeid my life. It's amazing what can be found. It's that easy, and it's that hard. But I suppose I sound a little over the top. But I am also telling the truth of my experience. So good luck!'

No more being miserable

'Before meeting Roz I was a miserable wreck, hoping that anti-depressants would help me deal with a pre-mid life crisis. I was not in a good way at all. I was not working due to a nagging injury and had also broken up in a relationship. I was moping around at home feeling sorry for myself and felt isolated.

Sometimes we think in such a way that triggers more negative thoughts and negative behaviours. I realised that I could fix my problem by, planning ahead with structure and a change in thinking. I am not even back in America yet and I feel the benefits already with my confidence. Roz really does care about her clients' well being.

I will be letting her know how I get on....and recommend her most highly.'

Thank you

'Thank you so much for helping me with my confidence and self esteem issues. I originally came to see you as I was particularly anxious about attending an event that was approaching. That event happened last week and with the techniques you taught me it wasn't nearly as daunting as it had been to me a few weeks earlier and I actually enjoyed the event. I had felt that I had become "stuck" in various areas of my life and that my life was "on hold". I had lost track of who I was and needed the confidence to be myself and move forward. All that has changed, I am as free as a bird its life changing.

I now feel equipped with techniques to plan for the future and I am looking forward to "getting off the train". Once again, thank you so much for all your help.'