A CBT Approach

I offer supervision from a CBT approach perspective that draws heavily on integrative and relational principles.

My aim is to offer you a setting to discuss your caseloads to gain greater objectives, tools and depth of understanding. I also work from a supportive position to facilitate the therapist in handling difficult material and counter-transference issues. The work is aimed at both the theoretical and emotional levels with the goal to be restorative, informative, stimulating and collaborative.

Supervision also allows time and space for reflection, discussion and feedback on all elements of therapeutic practice. It is a valuable way of enhancing practice, improving service quality and client care.

Private supervision is offered by Roz, this can be conducted on a one to one basis, or in groups (up to a maximum of three), depending on the needs and requirements of the supervisee(s).

Fees for one to one supervision is £60 per therapeutic hour, for information about groups, please contact Roz La'mont on  07817 733829 or 01242 226603